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      Jusha Medical attended 2021 Moscow Exhibition-ЗДРАВООХРАНЕНИЕ

      2021-12-31 10:12

      As the largest annual comprehensive medical exhibition in Russia, ЗДРАВООХРАНЕНИЕ is rated as the most authoritative medical device and medicine exhibition in Russia and Eastern Europe for its importance and influence. It is worth mentioning that this year, Russian Health Minister Михаил Мурашко (Министерство здравоохранения Российской Федерации) attended the opening ceremony to encourage and promote the rapid development of Russia's modern medical industry.

      On December 6, 2021, the 30th ЗДРАВООХРАНЕНИЕ exhibition was grandly opened. Jusha exhibited various professional medical radiation displays and endoscope professional medical displays, such as CR22, R190, M270G, C270G, E190CG and E240CG, showing the excellent quality of Jusha products. Many visitors are interested in Jusha products and have expressed their intention to cooperate.

      Jusha serves 1 billion people worldwide, with customers in 86 countries and regions. We have established cooperation with more and more manufacturers and dealers in Russia, and our market share has increased year by year, which is due to our excellent product quality and professional team support.

      Due to the fact that the global COVID-19 situation is still grim, in previous years, hundreds of medical companies participated in ЗДРАВООХРАНЕНИЕ exhibition, but only six Chinese exhibitors participated this year. This is precisely because Jusha always has faith and keeps in mind its corporate culture and mission. Although there are many difficulties ahead, we will overcome all difficulties and move forward bravely to bring professional medical monitors to customers. Jusha people will strive for human health!



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