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      Jusha Medical debuts at HIMSS in North America

      2022-04-29 15:14

      Jusha Medical successfully participated in the 2022 Association of Health Information and Management Systems and Global Health Exhibition (HIMSS Annual Conference) held in Orlando from March 14 to 18, 2022. HIMSS has been the world's leading health information technology conference, gathering 45,000 health information technology professionals, clinicians, managers and suppliers from more than 90 countries, and is one of the largest medical industry IT exhibitions in the world.

      Jusha for the first time in this exhibition exhibited a series of the latest medical display products, especially JUSHA 12MP expert breast diagnostic display, up to 12MP resolution, with high brightness and contrast, can fully display the details of the lesion, which has been praised by clinicians and professionals in the meeting.

      Jusha display experts, in orderto share the wisdom of Jusha, had in-depth communication with IT professionals from various countries on how to improve the diagnostic efficiency of doctors through medical high-resolution display. Jusha Medical will continue to increase research and development and market investment, to provide more technical convenience for medical workers, and then to relieve the pain of patients.


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