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      Jusha Medical returns at the JPR 2022 Radiology Exhibition

      2022-05-31 14:57

      From April 28 to May 1,2022, Jusha Medical unveiled its newly released radiology display series at the 52nd JPR exhibition in Sao Paulo, Brazil.The epidemic has yet failed to prevent the enthusiastic exhibitors and an endless stream of touristfrom coming to the most famous radiology exhibition in South America,

      In this exhibition, Jusha Medical highlighted 3MP, 5MP, 6MP high-resolution professional medical diagnostic display to meet the habitual use needs of customers in the South American market, which received recognition and accliam of many visitors.

      As a global high-tech medical equipment manufacturer integrating research and development, production and sales, Jusha Medical has been committed to the research and development of professional medical display products for more than 20 years, and used advanced technological means to provide medical workers with more technical convenience, so as to try its best to relieve the pain of patients.


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